Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bittorrent?

Bittorrent is a developed protocol for transfering large files over Peer-2-Peer network and it's members. The technology doesn't require central server, data will be transfered between personal computers (peers) directly. Please read full Bittorrent Tutorial to get more information.

What is needed to download torrents?

There two things needed to start download real content:

1. Bittorrent client: a program that is able to connect with available peers in the network and transfer files from their computer to yours. The most popular is uTorrent client.

2. A file with .torrent extension: These are small files that provide download instructions for your client. You can get them using our multi-site search engine or directly from tracker sites.

You can get more information about on how to use Bittorrent at Torrentfreak.

What are seeders and leechers?

Amount of available seeders and leechers is very important for download speed of torrents. Seed is a computer that already possesses 100% of data and share with it with others. Leech is a computer that share with already completed parts of the data. The main rule is that as more network peers seed and leech the file as faster it can be downloaded by your computer.